Andrew is the host of the Not How It’s Done Podcast. He does stand-up comedy, but will not consider himself a true comedian until it’s paying some bills. Stand-up allows him the opportunity to test newly written material as often as possible.  He uses this method to vet the content of his scripts and test his range as a writer.  He is earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, in Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University, and he intends to pursue his Master’s degree immediately following graduation in June 2019.

Young is a former scout for the US Army with multiple tours of combat, several leadership awards for excellence, and a lifetime of incredible friends and family.  He earned an internship as an Animator in the Conceptual Image Lab at NASA, while he was in the medical retirement process.  He also earned a position as a team member in the Goddard Space Flight Testing Lab, but his calling was with the animating team.  He has experience in the four major sciences, Astrophysics, Heliophysics, Planetary Science and Earth Science.   He was hired by NASA one year after starting his internship but even that wasn’t enough to compete with his demons.  After only a few months, Andrew found himself in a downward spiral, battling with prescription medications, alcohol, Post Traumatic Stress, and homelessness.

After overcoming his battles, Andrew, fought his way back to his family and back to a healthy lifestyle.  This journey would not be possible without the love and support of his amazing wife, Julia and their three children.  He can be found enjoying nature with them, playing Beer League Hockey and crushing his family and friends at Fantasy Football. That is, when he’s not glued to his desk.

His journey continues on a new trajectory: We don’t know what the next step will hold for him, but we know that he’ll be working seven days a week to achieve excellence, posting updates on Instagram and Twitter and most importantly, parenting with his partner and life-mate.  Please feel free to subscribe and follow Andrew on all social media @nothowitsdone.

Current projects include: This Is Not How It’s Done Podcast, autobiography,  co-writing a feature length script, and is available for booking stand-up and public speaking events.


Don’t Do This is a self-help book, based on the peculiar successes and failures of Andrew Young.  From barely graduating High School, to achieving all of his life’s dreams.  From never knowing his biological father, to finding him at thirty-four years old.  It took losing everything to overcome combat-related PTSD; to get his family back and to pursue his dreams of becoming an accomplished screenwriter and standup comedian.  Available Spring 2020

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